Boost Academy

Boost Academy was a ‘Communities for Children’ initiative of the Australian Government and is funded by Mission Australia. We offer Performing Arts & Creative Arts tuition to a limited number of children in the southern area of Cairns between the ages of 8 and 12 years of age. Boost mainly targets disadvantaged children in this age group and area, which has been identified as not having enough activities offered and the socio-economic level of the area lends itself to a high level of children getting into trouble on the streets due to lack of activities and lack of positive input and mentoring in their lives due to various home/family situations. By aiming our service at this age group we are also able to build relationships with parents and carers, thereby being able to connect and recommend them to various other partnering services in the area.
Aims/outcomes desired and achieved by Boost Academy include:

  • Social interaction with other children of different backgrounds,
  • Improved social skills to enable wise choices as they grow older
  • Working together with a different ‘friend group’ in their class
  • Confidence increased
  • New skills learnt – music, art, dance
  • Discussions with children re making good choices, respecting each other and healthy relationships
  • Positive mentoring from facilitators
  • Relationships formed with teachers and parents/families at the end of the afternoon, at performances and drop off/pick up at homes when applicable.
  • Able to recommend various community services to parents.
  • Leadership qualities of children encouraged, with children who are showing improvement leadership qualities being asked to return in a ‘helper’ role next term