Breaky girlsLast year a survey was given to a group of primary students at White Rock State School to see what they perceived as their biggest learning hurdles at school.  Surprisingly 75% of children surveyed listed ‘hunger’ as their biggest obstacle?!

Thanks to Woolworths Mount Sheridan, this year we are able to increase the current program of 1 weekly free breakfast to 3 free breakfasts every week and hopefully more as times goes on.

With this increase of mornings we are in need of volunteers!  A great way to start your day, the kids are awesome, polite and a joy to serve.

So if you can spare an hour before work on a regular basis, or you would like some more information, please contact Cathy Zeiger at Rock Impact Inc.:

Boost Breaky is now conducted in 10 state schools in Cairns and Innisfail, thanks to our partners at Woolworths and the SU Chaplains!


Phone:  4054 3900